♡ Day Five ♡: favorite Swan-Mills family moment(s)

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You’re big to me

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Maybe I should have just died when I fell off that stupid cliff.
Don’t say that. Mona, don’t e v e r say that.
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ahhh, omg wait, are you really that young? Are you just starting college? because if so I might have some helpful advice re: this post (which… I may have given you already, I don’t know, I feel like I share it a lot haha)

Haha, yeah. I’m eighteen (well, almost nineteen, actually). I just graduated high school in June! I’m going to a community college for two years, then transferring to a university. :) 

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People my age that I know in person have already started their lives at their universities and even though they just started, they’re already making friends and taking pics with them and it kinda has me worried that I’ll have a hard time adjusting and I won’t make friends as easily. That would destroy me

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Underrated Moments + Rise
Castle Theme Party | Challenge #11

Fantastic scene.

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