Laughing because so many CSers are pissed off at Rumple for revealing Hook’s true nature


Hook was the one blackmailing Rumple

Hook was the one threatening to harm Belle

Hook has been showing his true colors and you’re mad because it’s fucking true lmao

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question asked by Anonymous: if you were my girlfriend, I'd stay up any night you needed someone to talk to. I'd give you your space when you wanted it, I'd hold your hand when you wanted or kiss you whenever you were in the mood :)

You’d be fucking perfect. A+, my friend.

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I’m Kate. I’m Mr Castle’s…friend.

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I Ross. Take thee, Emily Rachel.
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"I came to Los Angeles in the summer, after I finished at the academy. My parents gave me some money and their blessing, and I drove for four days to Los Angeles. I thought I had a firm agreement with the agency, but when I arrived, I found that wasn’t the case. I came to Hollywood, but I’m not doing this for fame, but for the art. Anyways, I came here without an agent, acquaintances, and with very little money. I knew that if I wanted to stay, I’d have to do everything on my own. […] The first few months really weren’t easy. I slept in hostels, sometimes in the car, just to save money. After a while, I got a job - I sold furniture in a department store in Los Angeles - which made it a little easier because I was able to rent an apartment. Shortly after that, I met my manager, with whom I still work with today, and started to make my way into film and television.

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Dessert is not optional. Not after I went all over town to find Richard his favourite flavour of ice cream.

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Can I get “If you were my girlfriend…” messages?

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You can literally hear her sassy internal dialogue. 

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